I love me some good skincare. However, I’m not the type to spend tons of money on different products, not anymore anyway. Once I find the right combination of products to deal with whatever my skin is dealing with at that time, I’m pretty much sticking to it.

I think I have combination skin, but I’m 100% sure I’ve got sensitive skin. Sometimes out of the blue, I get weird itchy spots on my face that disappear again after a few minutes. I’ve never asked a doctor but I’m guessing those are tiny allergic reactions to something. I do also get a spot from time to time, but that’s mostly due to lazy cleansing or a rubbish diet. Or hormonal stuffs, lest we forget.


Lush – Eau Roma Water toner

Yep, I use toner as a cleanser, but only in the mornings. My skin is wayyy too fussy to deal with soapy or intense cleansers in the morning. I spritz it all over my face and wipe clean with a cotton pad. Eau Roma Water contains rose water that calms the skin and reduces redness, while the lavender water softens and hydrates the skin. Sounds good right?


Lush – Imperialis moisturizer

Imperialis and I have been going steady for a few years now. A very lovely Lush employee once recommended it to me and I’ve been using it on and off for years now. Just like the Eau Roma toner, this moisturizer contains something lavender-y to soothe and balance the skin. It’s not greasy and gets absorbed into the skin quickly, which makes it great to wear as a base under makeup. If you want to check out a Lush moisturizer and you’re not sure which one to get, start with this one. Or just ask a sample of one of each. Ain’t no shame in that.


Lush – Celestial moisturizer

Since it’s January and my face has to battle with frosty winds outside and hot air inside, it tends to dry out. Especially my cheekbones and my nose can get really tight and flakey. Celestial contains almond oil and vanilla, which makes it smell slightly like rice pudding (forever resisting the urge to lick Lush products – don’t do it, trust me on this one). It’s very gentle for the skin and leaves it feeling very hydrated, but also slightly sticky. It’s not ideal to use as a base for your makeup, but it doesn’t make your foundation to go slip ‘n’ sliding either. I’ve been using Celestial on days where Imperialis just doesn’t cut it, and I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Argan / Coconut / Almond oil

I love using oils to remove my makeup. It’s very quick, effective and economical since you can use all these oils as a general body moisturizer or hair mask. I warm some oil in my hands and gently rub it on my dry skin and over my eyes, breaking down all the makeup. With a wet (preferably warm) cotton pad or wash cloth, I then take off as much makeup and oil as possible.


Dr. Organic – Tea Tree face wash

After all the makeup’s gone, I’m left with a clear but greasy face. Since I don’t want to be clogging up those pores of mine, I always cleanse it again with a soapy cleanser. I love using this gel-type cleanser from Dr. Organic because I like how it foams and how it makes my skin feel squeeky clean. It contains tea tree which is anti-bacterial and prevents spots and blemishes. When I’m not too lazy, I use it with my Clarisonic Mia 2, but you can also just wash your face with it without a fancy pants cleansing brush (y’know, like a normal person).


Lush – Full Of Grace serum

Another Lush product, sorrynotsorry. I just really love their skincare. After cleansing my skin it needs nourishment and moisture to restore during the night time, right? Right. I glide this little pink bar over my face and gently rub its oils into my skin with my fingertips. The blue chamomile oil and calamine powder are great for calming down the skin and controlling greasiness. It’s very oily, but come morning it’s soaked into your skin, leaving it super soft.


I never used to bother with skincare when I was in my late teens, early twenties. I didn’t even think about taking off my makeup after a night out. Maybe it’s because I’m pushing 30 and I’m trying to do damage control, but guess what, sticking to a routine with the right products; actually works. I look ‘fresher’ without makeup and when I do wear makeup, it just looks better overall. I’m pretty happy with the routine I’ve got going, but if you’re raving about similar products, I’m always keen to hear about them!


(All products mentioned are cruelty free and vegan at the time of publishing this post.)

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