Since this blog of mine is brand spankin’ new (*jazz hands*), I thought I’d disclose a bit more about me – just to get to know me a bit better. I always love reading posts like this on other blogs, because 1. I’m nosy as fug and 2. it makes everything you’re reading all the more personal.

1. I love drawing and I took art classes from age 9 to 18. I’m not going to lie, the last two years felt like a bit of a drag but I’m so happy I finished it. I got to experiment with loads of different media and types of art. I honestly think it gave me a head start studying interior architecture at uni. The last few years I mostly experimented with black fine liner pens and water colour paints.

2. I really want to adopt a dog one day. I’m not sure what breed, but I’ve been loving wire-haired teckels and iggy’s lately. I wouldn’t buy from a breeder but look into rescues or kennels instead. Enough doggos on this planet are waiting for their forever home.

3. I rarely finish my cup of coffee / tea. I always leave a sip or two and I have no idea why. I just always seems to decide I’ve had enough right before I finish it.

4. I started uni studying psychology, but I quit because it wasn’t the right fit for me. In hindsight I’m so happy I made the choice to pursue a creative profession instead.

5. I’m a real indoor kid. I just really love being at home. The most relaxing day for me is spent in the kitchen trying out new recipes, followed by hours online browsing webshops, other blogs and watching stuff on Youtube. I also really love watching movies and series (but honestly, who doesn’t?), playing video games and taking hour long baths with a fancy Lush bath bomb.

6. I love food and I’ll try just about anything, but no meats or fish please. I’ve been a vegetarian for 11 years, and I even eat vegan most of the time now. Also, anise and chicory are gross. There, I said it.

7. I’m absolutely terrified of burglars and thieves. When still in uni, someone broke into our house when I was still up at night studying, and well let’s just say it scared the heebiejeebies out of me.



So there you have it, seven random facts about me. I hope you found this at least somewhat interesting, it’s always a bit weird writing about yourself. If you still have some burning questions, pop them in the comments!

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