interior inspo with Pantone colour of the year 2018: Ultra Violet

Every december, Pantone announces their colour of the year, directly impacting the home and interior industry. They keep a close eye on art, film, fashion and design elements and use them as a guide to forecast the colour trends for the year ahead. For 2018, they’ve chosen Ultra Violet.

We’re often not even aware of it, but if you pay attention you’ll start to see blueish purples pop up in fashion and interior magazines. According to Pantone, Ultra Violet is a dramatic and provocative colour, sparking originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.

Basically what they’re saying, it’s an artsy colour. Now violet is a colour you won’t hear me rave about. I used to luuurve it as a kid, but as an adult, not so much. I think it’s a colour you either love or hate. It’s not my least favorite colour (I save that spot for lime green, urgh), but it’s just not something I’m immediatly drawn to. Nor for my own interior, nor my wardrobe.
However, as I work with colour on a professional level, there’s always a way to make any colour work (yes, even lime green). There are tons of ways to colour combine violets, but I rounded up four of my favorite suggestions.


(not so) ultra violet

So you’ve fallen in love with this ultra violet trend, but you’re not quite there yet to give your place a complete makeover. No worries, it’s quite easy to be on-trend with minimal effort. Add some violet toned accessoiries like vases, candleholders or throw pillows. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, an armchair or painted wall in this interesting colour will often create the desired effect. Keep the rest of the space warm and neutral toned to make the colour pop.


image by Cassina


image by Flexa


pretty with pink

Milenial pink was a Big Thing in 2017 and I kind of hope it sticks around for a while. Warm pink hues soften down the dramatic effect from the violet tones, and it creates more of a monochromatic look. Steer away from chrome or steel finishes, but add gold or brass accents for a sophisticated finish.


image by Pinterest


image by Dulux


go bold or go home

Pink too dull for ya? Try some peppery reds, oranges, and even brown tones for a bold contrast. Make sure to keep the balance juuust right, these colours will fight for your attention. Combine with lots of white and high gloss finishes to give it that groovy retro flair.


Image by Casa Vogue


Image by Los Enamorades


deep purple

Perhaps warm tones aren’t really your thang. Violet and teal also make for a great combination. A word of warning though, make sure you don’t go overboard on those cool blue and green tones. Add some warm purples, maybe even some reds, for a moody effect. Opt for upholstery in fabric rather than leather for a luxurious feel.

deep purple

image by We Heart

deep purple 2

image by Dulux


So are you hot and heavy about this cool shade of purple yet? These are only four out of tons of colour combinations you could make with this violet hue. How would you combine this blueish purple?

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