Oh February, how I’ve welcomed you with open arms. Days are finally getting longer again and I’ve been really enjoying driving home from work in (semi-)daylight. And even though it’s still freezing out, it’s nice to see the sun again. Spring is just round the corner, right? Right?



In all honesty, February was kind of slow. And I loved it. January was so busy, I enjoyed every day spent at home the last few weeks. Sleeping in, buzzing around the house, making food, watching Mad Men, playing games, cleaning my car, messing around with the kitties, having brunch with the folks. It’s been great. I feel so much more energized and ready for March. A big spring cleaning, more sunshine and my birthday. Yes. Bring ittt.

The Blazer

I bought this at the end of January but I wore this so much last month. To be fair, this is not the type of vest I would’ve normally picked up, but since I spotted Alice Catherine wearing a checked one, I just needed one too. Influenced much? Yes, and I’m very not sorry. I ordered one from Monki but sent it back because the fit was just too.. eighties for me. Y’know, too much of that ~Dynasty~ shoulder padding goin’ on. I found myself in the local thrift shop the very next day and LO AND BEHOLD! BLAZERS! And one turned out to be a perfect fit, amazing quality and a total bargain. I love wearing this with a black top, mom jeans and my block heel boots.

Night In The Woods

Since I’ve been restraining myself from online shopping (more about that over here), I finally made some time to play games again. I spent some nights screaming at the Switch playing Mario Kart online, but found Night In The Woods a more appropriate game to chill after work. You play as Mae, a college dropout who returns home, only to find out everything and everyone she knew has changed. It feels like interactive storytelling at times, but the tone is quite sad raw and sometimes even spooky. Give it a go if you like to support indie games, will ya.


February tunes

Sidney Bechet – Si Tu Vois Ma Mère
Tennis – In The Morning I’ll Be Better
Wun Two – Again
Clairo – Flaming Hot Cheetos
Aaron Neville – Tell It Like It Is
Cults – Always Forever
Mild High Club – Homage


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