Earlier this month I posted all about my no-buy experience and how I’d been researching fair fashion instead. A spring wishlist is in the making, but I thought about starting with the basics first. Items you can mostly wear all year round and go with about anything. You know, to get the most bang out of your buck with. For those who know me, it’ll come to no surprise most (all) of these things are black or neutral toned. Total risk taker, this one.



Patti Booties by Bhava Studio

Let me start off with these amazing Patti ankle boots from Bhava Studio. They’re a New York design studio who work solely with vegan leather. Sadly, my size is out of stock but they e-mailed me saying more booties are on their way. And you better believe this girl is going to smash that ADD TO CART button as soon as they’re back in stock – even if it’s the middle of summer – because omg look at them, they’re absolutely perfect.



Skinny Hazen jeans by Mud Jeans

I’m one of those girls who is still looking for that perfect fitting jeans. I believe I have tried about any high street brand by now, and I’ve been enjoying the Farleigh jeans from Asos for a bit over a year now. But they wear out pretty quickly, after about 6 months of wear they’re pretty much ready for the bin. I really want to try out these Skinny Hazen jeans by Mud Jeans. These are slim fit, high waist jeans and are made from cotton, recycled jeans and elastane. I can’t buy 100% denim because I need the elasticity around my waist, y’know to be able to sit down without mooning everyone around me and stuff. Tmi? Sorry. Anyway, once you’ve worn out your jeans, you can send it back to them and you get a 10 euro discount on your next order. You can even lease a jeans, if you want to.



Summer tee by Nude Ethics

This t-shirt from Nude Ethics is just too cute. And ok, maybe I don’t really ~do~ cute, but this is cute for grown ups, right? I love the embroidered detailing and the neutral warm tones used here. Nude Ethics is a England based brand (and shop) offering affordable pieces made with ethical standards. Their collection is quite small, it’s mostly tees and sweatshirts, but I’m really into their designs.



Ory sunglasses by Dick Moby

I’ve been wanting to invest in a decent pair of sunglasses for a few years now, and I hope this is the summer I finally do it. I’m so bad with my sunglasses, I always just chuck em in my bag or leave them lying around the house or my car. Without a cover, ofcourse. I spotted these classic cat eyed sunglasses from Dick Moby and I’m completely smitten with them. They use recycled materials for the glasses and their packaging. I found a stockist in the city so I’ll be paying them a visit real soon. Fingers crossed I’ll be more carefull with these.. lol.



Wrap dress by Lindex

Talking about classic pieces, I found this little black dress on the Lindex webshop. It’s easy to search for their sustainable range and they have really affordable clothing. This is definitely something you can wear every season. In summer with a nice pair of flats or a heeled sandal – in winter with some stockings and booties, or with a rollneck underneath for those extra chilly days. I love that this dress has long sleeves and that it’s knee length, making it suitable for any occasion. Added bonus points for being a wrap dress because it’s the most flattering for my figure. Whatever that means. Yes, I’ll deffo be getting this one.



Underwear by The Nude Label

Let’s mention the unmentionables too, while we’re at it. The Nude Label is an ethical brand based in Spain. Their collection is pretty basic, but I love how they’re so no-nonsense and inclusive of all body types.  I really want to try out their cut out bra with the wide strap and the basic bra. Sometimes I’m so done with wired bras and how uncomfortable they can be. I’ll take comfort over faking big tatas every day thankyouverymuch.



Medine sweater by ArmedAngels

Sustainable sweater hunting isn’t that hard, but it can be when you don’t buy any type of wool because of vegan reasons. I also try to stay away from polyesters because it makes me hella static and the fabric tends to wear out quite fast. So cotton it is. The Medine sweater is an all year round basic jumper made from 100% organic cotton. I love how it’s a structured fit and I’m really into that type of neckline.




Sina Vintage by Matt & Nat

I saved the best for last. It’s this a-ma-zing Matt & Nat bag. Now I’m no stranger to Matt & Nat, I already own two bags and a purse and I’m in awe of their quality. They’re a Montreal based brand, completely sustainable, ethical and vegan, and strive to use recycled materials. I love how timeless their designs look and going by the quality of the items I already own, I’ll be loving these for years to come.

Now for me, some of these items are pricier than I’d normally spend on said piece, but sometimes you got to put your money where your mouth (or priority) is. And since these are basics, you’re going to get a lot of wear from them. I hope this little list gave you some inspiration to go and discover what these brands have to offer. Happy shopping!

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