Getting fired, it feels weird, man. I really don’t know how to put in into words. I guess it sort of feels like being broken up with. Or being dumped might be more accurate. We’re no longer in need of your services m’am, theresthedoorthankyouverymuch.

But to be fair, that’s not what happened here though. As some of you might picked up on, I just started this job last January. I was so excited about it as I’ve wanted to work at this store for a very long time.

It turns out they have decided to close up shop by August. So the decision didn’t really have anything to do with me. But since I’ve only just started working there, I’m out of a job within two weeks. Yikes. So yeah, I only got to work there for a little under three months. I’m not going to go into detail about it on here, but the whole situation is just a big bummer to me, and I’ve been feeling pretty down (and pretty pissed off). As you can imagine.

So for the past two weeks, I’ve been thinking about what my next ~career move~ is going to be, and honestly, I have absolutely no fucking clue. Sure, there are some job openings right now I find interesting enough to apply to, but I’m just not sure what I want anymore.

Things are (somewhat) clear when you graduate from uni. You work hard to get a degree, you find a job in the field, you work your whole life in that field and then you die. (Excuse the grimness, but it’s been hella cold and our heating was on the fritz again, so that didn’t help with the mood.) But how do you know for certain that this is what you need to be doing with your life? How do you know really? Without the job that you studied so hard for to get, who are you really?

I’m going to give myself some time to reflect on what it is I need from a future job. What is it I really loved, and absolutely loathed about my former jobs. I know the ‘perfect’ job might not exist, but there has to be at least a few out there that gives me the fulfillment I need. One where I can be my spontaneous (and sometimes weird) self most of the time, without feeling the need to fit a ‘work persona’. One that’s creative but also technical enough for me not to get bored. And one that pays a fair wage, if possible.

The best thing for me to do right now is trying to find these things out, to the extent I can anyway. That, and stopping from sulking on the couch all day, stuffing my face with cookies and ice cream and playing videogames. Not that that’s not therapeutic, but in the end, it gets me nowhere (and fat).

I worked my last day yesterday, so I guess my journey starts here. I’m going to shower, head out to the florist and buy myself something nice, make a healthy lunch, and just take it from there. Time to figure out this life of mine.


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