I believe spring might finally be here to stay. I hope I didn’t jinx it now, because if it’s going to start snowing and freezing again now I swear I’m going to cry.

Last week I treated myself to an afternoon of thrifting. My local thriftshop was putting their spring/summer collection in store, so I decided to have a look-see. Now I’m not really the biggest fan of fashion for warmer temperatures, I’m more of a ‘it’s nice and sunny out but I still need a light jacket and boots‘ kinda gal. So it came to no surprise I didn’t bring home much from my treasure hunting. I’ll show you what I did get in a thriftshop haul real soon.



I also found this long coat though, in a different second hand shop right down my street. They almost always stock some real vintage pieces (a 1974 track suit!) and sometimes more high quality brands of clothing. This coat was tucked away on a clearance rack and was now reduced to a fiver. I love how it’s oversized and slightly masculine. Because of the thin fabric it sort of just hangs of my body instead of creating a shoulder-heavy silhouette. Very slouchy, very me.


You might recognize the t-shirt from the wishlist I posted earlier this month. I really wanted to try one of the Nude Ethics shirts and I can tell you the quality is really nice. The t-shirt is made from soft, thick cotton (so it’s not see-through) and the embroidery is very cute.

The pants and shoes aren’t new though. I still have tons of fast fashion items still hanging in my closet, so I’ll be still wearing those until they wear out – but I’ll always provide a fair fashion alternative. The block heeled booties are from the Top Shop 2016 F/W collection and are almost worn to death now. They are some of the most comfy boots I’ve had, so I’m kind of sad they’re about to retire. I’ll be purchasing the Patti boots from Bhava once they’re back in stock (also mentioned in my basics wishlist). The mom jeans are from Asos, but you can find similar ones on MUD Jeans or Kings of Indigo.


I wore this outfit on a lovely lazy Sunday, hence the messy hair, very minimal makeup and no jewelry. Now I’m not claiming to make the most exciting fashion choices (and let’s not even speak of my modeling skillz lololol) but I personally always love to see how others combine some fair fashion with thrifted items. I’m always happy to post more of these if you find them inspiring.

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