I think if there’s one thing I can definitely say about this year, it’s that it’s been a complete rollercoaster so far.


I got pretty sick at the beginning of the month and needed to stay home from work for a couple of days. I hoped I would feel better after a day spent on the couch, but I couldn’t really do much besides popping meds and involuntarily falling asleep. I felt a bit better after a day or two, so I got to play Chuchel and almost finished it in one go. Such a funny and absurd game. I love pretty much anything Amanita makes, make sure to check them out.



I also lost my job in March and have spent my time really getting down to the bottom of what I want from my future job. I even applied to a few job openings and had a good interview last week. I’m very curious as to where I’m headed – but I’m taking my time.
I’m also giving my portfolio a well needed update, which makes me feel like a less waste of a human being. I sometimes get so insecure, like I’m no good at what I do, or that I’m too young or unexperienced, – what do *I* know about *stuff*. Updating my work and making new designs and rendering is my theraphy atm. And blogging is too, actually. I’m not the most vocal about how I ~feel~, but I’ve no issues about typing it down here somehow.


Toronto – NYC

Upon receiving the news that I would be without a job very soon, I (or my bf and me, I should say) sort of made the impulsive decision to finally book a trip to visit Canada and the US. I originally wanted to go on a road trip exploring the West Coast of the US and go up to Vancouver, but that would require more time, planning and frankly, more money too. So instead, we booked a flight to Toronto where we will be staying for a week or so, and fly through to NYC, where again, we’ll stay for about a week. I have no idea if I will be back to work by then, but I’m very happy having this trip to look forward to.



You know how people sometimes recommend you listen to a certain band, album or song – but you just never do (because you trust in your own taste in music and if this band, album or song was so great you would’ve discovered it by now, right? Or Spotify would’ve gently nodded you in the right direction, at least). Well I’m ordering you to drop whatever it is you’re doing and check out Yours Conditionally by Tennis. To me they sound like a lovechild of Gwen Stefani, La Roux and Gossip. Very nice if you want to lift your spirits or when u wanna boogie during spring cleaning. Idk man, it just gets me in a good mood.


a decade of adulthood

I also turned 28 this month. Honestly, the older I get, the less fuss I need my birthday to be. As long as there’s good food and somewhere fun to go to (and by that, I mean shopping), I’m happy. I’m also getting creepily close to being 30. I’m feeling all the clichés at the moment. How I thought how I would be more of an ~adult~ by now (no children or mariage however, that’s never been on my bucketlist and I don’t see that changing anytime soon). There are some things I do want to have, or want to achieve, before I hit 30 though. It feels like I’m approaching some sort of finish line and I need to do all this stuff before I get there or I will lose the race. Complete bs, right?
Anyway, I had a lay in, my bf made us some brunch, we spent te day in Maastricht, had a very good (vegan!) dinner at Burgerlijk, and ate ice cream while watching comedy.


March tunes

Worn-Tin – Sensitivity
The Beach Boys – I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
Conspiracy Of Owls – A Silver Song
Max Schrager – Thoughts Of You
Tennis – Modern Woman


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