The last few days have been so sunny and lovely and yes yes yesss, spring is finally REALLY here (lol it started to rain juuust as I’m starting to write this blurb). I’m very excited to share the spring wishlist I’ve been composing over the last few weeks. I’m also very excited to buy literaly everything on this list, but for the sake of my bank balance, let’s not, shall we?



Lemon print T-shirt by Aéryne

If you’re searching for an edgy (but fair) fashion label, look no further. They have some beautiful off shoulder and frilly tops in their collection at the moment, so I’ll be surely checking back when I need something fresh for the summer. For now, I’m really into this printed shirt from them.



I am my own nest sweater by Hiedra

I’m not sure if this belongs in a fair fashion wishlist, but it is hand embriodered by an artist so I don’t consider that fast fashion. I’ve seen Dorien wearing one of these sweaters ober on the gram, and I’ve been lusting over owning one myself. A sweater on a spring wishlist? Yes. When you’re cold 80% of the time, yes. I’ve totally fallen for this design, and she makes them to order. You can even pick your favorite colour (lol colour, as if I wouldn’t go for white embriodery on a black sweater).


la lune

La Lune necklace by Neinties

I don’t buy a lot of jewelry anymore. I think it’s been over five years since I’ve bought (in my opinion) shitty jewelry from H&M or Zara that would turn nasty after a few months. So I started buying sterling silver only (maybe this is where my sustainable journey really began!). I own a few silver necklaces but I rarely wear them because they all have pretty big pendants on them – usually with some sort of natural stone. There’s quite a selection to buy ethical jewelry, but this coin pendant is the prettiest one I’ve come across so far.



Comey dress by Millie & Lou

Millie & Lou is a Canadian studio that reworks vintage garments and textiles into new pieces. They also make in house designs where you can choose between a blank or custom printed design. I’ve been eying their collection for a while now and they have loads of reworked pieces I’d love to get my hands on, but this customizable dress in linen is also very me. Oversized, comfy and suitable for most seasons really. Oh, and they’re well affordable too!



Cienne bag by Loéil

I do not need another handbag. I repeat: I do not need another handbag. I’ve been kindly gifted the Sina hangbag from Matt & Nat by my boyfriend for my birthday, and even that one was more of a ~want~ than a ~need~. So as much as I’m lusting over this bucket bag, I’ll probably never buy it (it’s also out of stock but you can sign up for updates), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a spot on the list.



‘The Original’ Dungarees by Lucy & Yak

Since we booked a trip to Toronto and NYC, I’ve been on the hunt for some versatile, but comfy pieces. I already own two dressy jumpsuits and a pair of denim dungarees, but these corduroy ones are really speaking to me because look how fucking comfortable they look. It’s very hard to decide on a colour, I really want to try something different than my usual grey or black, so I’m seriously eyeballin’ this pair in caramel brown.



Mina top by People Tree

I have a few striped shirts and tops in my wardrobe, but they’re all black and white. I can’t believe I don’t own a good classic breton. And the neckline of this top makes it stand out a bit more than your average longsleeve. Such a great staple.




Marian culottes by Kings Of Indigo

OK so, I sort of already ordered these in a colour from past season – a very bright navy blue. I’m usually a size 30-32W in jeans, and the last 32 was now 50% off. But nope, it was wayyy too big, I think I might even be a 28-30W in their denim, maybe. Not that I find sizing ~so~ important, but it feels nice not to have to order the biggest size they have. So yeah, these pants. They’re very wide cullotes that almost felt like wearing a long denim skirt – but with the comfort of wearing pants. They’re worn mid waist and are quite flattering on the booty tho’, so if you pack a little extra junk in the trunk, be sure to check them out.



Wata canvas sneakers by Veja

Another item that made the wishlist because of our planned trip. Since I always walk around tons when I’m on vacation, I’ve been in search of some decent vegan and sustainable sneakers. I have a pair of converse, but they start to hurt after 2-3 days of intense walking around in them. I’ve spotted these cool ones from Veja, and I really need to order them now if I want to take them on the trip with me. But I do find it hard to choose between these Veja’s, or these Samo sneakers made from vegan leather from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather. Decisions, decisions! Which ones would you buy?

To be fair, it would mean the end of my bank balance if I were to buy everything from this list (well not the end, but it would take a serious punch in the tits) – so for now the only things I’m 90% sure I’ll get are the dungarees and a pair of sneakers. What about you, seen anything you like? Be sure to check out the brands, explore their collections and see why they’re sustainable / ethical / fair – JUST GOOD COMPANIES, okay?

(P.S.: The tiny drops of rain at the beginning of this post have just turned into a full-on April shower – thunder and all. Urgh.)


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