How lovely was last weekend’s weather? Last Saturday, we visited friends who just bought a house (!) in Antwerp – so how could I not pop in the city center for a little stroll, a little snack and a little shopping?


The highlight of our little day (apart from the frendz) out was a visit to Juttu. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your fashion, homeware and beauty needs. There’s even a little food section and a rack full of books upstairs. Juttu has multiple store locations over Belgium (none in Limburg though!) but we visited the one located on the Meir – Antwerp’s best known shopping street holding all of the typical high street brands. I think it’s quite ballsy to be located just smack in the middle of all these huge brands, showing that alternative shops don’t necessarily need to be hidden away in the surrounding alleys.



Many of the brands they stock are sustainable, fair trade, cruelty free and / or vegan, others are ~just~ high quality brands or are Belgian made. If you do a bit of research beforehand, their website always states why they stock the brand. (I’m not sure but I think you can find this info in store as well!) No matter what your personal motivation is for shopping at Juttu, it’s always better than popping in at the high street shop next door. A lot of the items are stocked according to brand, which makes a lot easier if you’ve got your heart set on shopping by brands you know and trust.

P1020389a copy.jpg

I almost picked up a new perfume by Korres, but last minute decided to find myself a nice spring / summer perfume on our upcoming trip or to buy the What would Love Do? perfume from Lush. I also bumped onto Seepje washing products, and it looked promising so I’ll be testing that out in the near future. I only ended up buying this beautiful floral (and now discounted!) top (“Florals for spring, groundbreaking“) which I think will be a very versatile piece for my spring / summer wardrobe.

Have you ever shopped at Juttu?




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