It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything beauty related, so here’s a little roundup of products I recently purchased and am currently testing out.



Lush Love & Light hand cream

It doesn’t matter what season it is, I’m always in need of a good hand cream. Last winter I had extremely dry hands for some reason, so Lush hit me up with testers of all of their hand moisturizers. The one that really stood out to me was the Love & Light one. It has an amazing fresh (strong!) citrus scent and I just had to have a full size pot to get me through spring and summer. The cocoa butter and jojoba oil moisturize, while the Brazilian orange and neroli essential oils make your mits smells funky fresh. It’s not the thickest of creams and it absords pretty well. You can still feel a bit of a coating on your hands, but it feels more waxy than oily so I don’t mind it tbh. I highly recommend testing this one out.



Louis Widmer Emulsion Hydro Active SPF30 moisturizer

Try and say that a few times in a row. Last summer I was looking everywhere for a great moisturizer that was also high in SPF. And sure, there are tons out there, but cruelty free and vegan ones are harder to find. So last fall I stumbled upon this moisturizer from Louis Widmer and made a mental note to get it once it would turn spring.

So here we are. It turns out it’s also anti-ageing. Jup, that’s right. I figured since I’m 28 now, it couldn’t hurt to start preserving what’s left of my ~youthful features~. Ahem. It barely smells of anything, it has just a light fresh scent if you try hard to smell something. The texture is a bit like a gel, but in a white colour. Nothing too unusual. It comes with this spoon-y thingy to get the product out of the jar without your nasty fingers contaminating it – but let’s be honest here, I’m totally putting them nasty fingers of mine in after only a few days of spooning.

I’ve been using this moisturizer for about three weeks now. My skin does feel moisturized and I haven’t had any weird breakouts or dry patches yet. I love how I feel at least somewhat protected from the evil that is the sun, but I do see myself grabbing a SPF50 face lotion for hot outdoor summer days (not that I ever intentionally go out into the sun lol). So far, so good – I’m already eyeballing one of their eye creams for a next purchase (see what I did there?).



Paul Mitchel Instant Moisture hair care

A little backstory: about two years ago I decided it was a good idea to bleach my hair and dye it an ~Instagram worthy~ silver grey. I’ve been dying my hair for years and years, so I thought I knew what I was doing. Turns out I was wayyy too impatient and totally fried my hair. The kicker is that this was the second time I’ve done this so yeah, I make stupid hair decisions from time to time. I’ve still got some of that very damaged, dry hair on the last few centimeters of my ‘do. I should really get them cut, but I’m totally loving my length right now so I’m just making it work I guess. O and fyi, the colour was definitely worth it, for a while.

Anyway, in another atempt to make my hair look healthier than it actually is, I bought me some fancy Paul Mitchel stuff. I’ve been using the Moisture shampoo, conditioner and Supercharge Treatement for a couple of weeks now. I only wash my hair about twice a week (you can fuck right off if you think that’s nasty), so I always wash, rinse and repeat. The shampoo is alright, it foams up real nice so you only need a little – comes in handy since this is an American product and it don’t come cheap here in the EU. The conditioner okay too, it doensn’t feel like it’s coating my hair in loads of silicone. But to say it completely moisturizes my fried ends is a step too far. I really do like the treatment though, I leave it on for 5-10 minutes and rinse it out thorougly. It leaves my hair pretty shiny and my ends less ~all over the place~. It does tend to make my hair greasy faster when I’ve used this, so I do have to wash my hair more often. Yes, even when I only put it in my lengths and avoided my scalp at all costs. Bit of a bummer. I think if you have just normal dry hair these products would work better, as I’m sure I need a moisturizer on steroids for my ends. These aren’t bad products, I just think there’s better things for a better price out there.



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