This week is Fashion Revolution Week – so in honour I put together this completely fair and sustainable outfit.


Five years ago, 1 130 people lost their lives when the Rana Plaza textile factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Bangladesh – go check the labels in your wardrobe and I’m sure you’ll find plently of ‘made in‘ tags. The Fashion Revolution movement raises awareness on the origin of our clothes. Who made my T-shirt? Were they paid a fair wage? Are they working insane hours? Is the factory a safe work environment? It sort of baffles me that in 2018, most brands aren’t transparent about where their products come from. We (you!) can do better.

You can ask these brands by posting a selfie wearing your clothing inside out (labels showing): #whomademyclothes ?

I’m fairly new to the slow fashion movement, so I’ve still got a ton of clothing that hasn’t been made in an ethical or sustainable manner. The best I can do is wear them until they’ve worn out, and donate or sell the pieces I no longer want in my wardrobe. I’m planning on doing more of these outfit posts (even though they make me hella awkard lol I hate posing) so you’ll be seeing some of these ‘leftover’ pieces in future outfit posts. I’ll always try my hardest to sub these for a sustainable choice.



I found this loose knit sweater-top and trousers in the same thrift shop on the same day – how’s that for good luck? And they were half off too, so I think I paid around 5 euro for both. Insane, right? The top is actually pretty long and slouchy but I like to tuck it into my pants for a more put together look. Sort of. I’m also going to wear this tucked into some mom jeans with some sneakers, or just let it hang loose over some skinny jeans with a high heel sandal.


The trousers are pretty basic, but I love the is it navy / is it grey? in between colour. I sometimes wish they were a bit more high waisted, but they’re a very comfy fit. I love these type of trousers and I’ve got a couple more in a few different colours – they go with about anything really. Dress them up with a blazer, dress them down with a sneaker. Do both. It’s hard to fuck up really.



I mentioned in my spring wishlist I was eyeing the Wata sneakers from Veja, but I ended up going for the Samo sneakers in white from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather. Their shoes are designed in Paris and made in Portugal in a fair working environment. The designs are 100% vegan and are Peta approved.

I already have a pair of canvas sneakers from Converse, so I  went for these vegan leather ones instead. I’ve had them for about two weeks now and worn them plenty – but they do need a good break in before they’re 100% comfy.. I already bled into my new shoes the first day I got them so that was a bit sad (also: ouch), but they get better fitting every time I wear them. I love how they are completely white – they work with about any outfit really.

Yes, these shoes and me, we’re going to go places.


Don’t forget to question your favorite fashion brands over on social media using the #whomademyclothes hashtag. If you’re looking for fair fashion brands, have a look at my spring wishlist or basics wishlist for some inspiration. Or just pop into your local thrift shop, who knows what you’ll find. Happy shopping!

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