I’ve been thrifting a lot again lately, but I rarely show what treasures I find when I come back from my little trips. I used to only browse for homeware and interior items, but the last few months I’ve really thrown myself on the clothing racks. Turns out there are some true gems on there, too!


Striped shirts are everywhere at the moment, so I went to see if I could find something similar in the local thrift shop. I tried on a bunch but this one fitted me perfectly and the colours are very me. Lol – black, white and beige. Exciting person alerttt.


Okay, I completely admit I only bought these because I saw a lot of girls over on insta wear scarfs and I’m totally loving it. But on myself, maybe not so much? I’ve yet to try and style these right. I want to experiment with putting a scarf in my hair (but without feeling like I’m about to drive away in my 50’s convertible) or find out how to properly tie one around my neck (without feeling like a stewardess). To be continued.


I sort of broke one of my thrifting rules with these ones: no shoes. But these are unworn (brand spanking new soles! no marks of wear whatsoever!) so I thought I’d give them a go since they were only a fiver. I haven’t worn these yet. I’m very on the fence about it since they are (hand?)made from real leather. I always thought I would be okay with vintage leather items, but I’m realising.. I’m not, maybe? I really love how they look and think they’re perfect for summer but I’m seriously considering finding these loafers a new owner. Any takers? They’re a size 39.


You might recognise this loose knit top and navy-ish grey trousers from the outfit post earlier this week. It’s quite funny that I found both items on the same day in the same shop – I mean what are the odds? Both items are pretty versatile so you bet I’m going to wear these tons coming spring and summer.


Another item I also featured in a previous outfit post, is this oversized blazer. It’s so easy to just throw on for when you’re not sure what to wear with a certain outfit. To be fair, I still usually go for my classic beige trench coat, but that’s because it’s April and the weather can’t make up its mind most of the time. I really see myself grabbing this a lot when the weather is less treacherous.



And guess what – I found another blazer (I swear I have enough now). I was eyeballing a very similar one on the Monki webshop a few months back but I didn’t order it because I was doing a no-buy. I always really hated wearing anything navy but it’s slowly creeping its way into my wardrobe the last few months. I love the white pinstripe on it so it’ll pair up nicely with my new sneakers from GGDWL. As you might have noticed I like my blazers just slightly oversized because there’s nothing more uncomfy than a thight blazer. Well, apart from a ill fitting bra or undies up your bum, but that’s a whole different blog post.



I also found some nice interior items. It was a long time coming, but I finally found an Iittala item in my local thrift shop. People sometimes really don’t know what they’re getting rid of – but that’s fine by me lol. I think I paid 50 cents (?) for this Ballo votive. They’re discontinued, making them a true vintage item. So chuffed I found this.


I’ve been using this white marble pot coaster as a plate to put some candles on, and I really like it. Very #insta.


How cute are these baskets! I really have zero use for them except for them to look cool and bohemien on my little cabinet. Don’t be fooled, they will be filled with crap soon.


I’ve been collecting West Germany pottery for a while now, and I saw this beautiful Alfred Klein vase for sale. They’re not the easiest items to find so I immediately messaged the seller that I wanted it. I bought a green one a few years ago so I thought it could use a buddy. Don’t they look cute together?


So that’s about what I’ve collected over the last few months. For the seasoned thrifter this probably isn’t that much stuff – but I try to be selective what I bring home with me. I’m thinking about making these into a series. Thrift shops often have a bad rap and I really want to show you can find very cool stuff. I can’t wait to see what my next spree has in store for me.

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