Hey April, you were pretty sweet.

a new job

Remember when I was all like – I’m going to figure stuff out and take my time to get to the bottom of what it is I want from a job? Turns out it took me about 2 weeks, lol. The main thing really wanted to steer away from was a retail based job (even though I learned tons from it – I don’t think I’ll ever return to it). I also find it important to be able to design complete interior concepts – it’s what I’m trained to do anyway.

In my new job, I’ll be designing bespoke interiors, determining what the cost will be and manage the client and projects myself (with a little help ofc). I already started mid April and I’m writing most of this post on my break from my office (this girl has an office now can you believe it omg I almost can’t), so this really feels like a sweet deal so far.

I’m also juggling with the idea of putting only one blog post out per week in the future, since I really want to focus all of my attention to work at the moment. I’ve already planned a few posts out for when I’m in Toronto / NYC, but I might have to take it easy on the blog front. We’ll see how it goes – but I’ll keep on posting on Sunday mornings.



I did tons of gardening past month. It sort of began with propagating some indoor plants (a post about that real soon!). Then I looked at our yard and thought I really wanted it to look nice for this spring and summer – it’s been looking kind of sad and unkempt for a while now. So out came the shovel (and the bank card) and I (we) got to work.

You know that feeling when you’re doing something that isn’t very you – but very your parents? I felt like that the whole damn time I was digging around in the dirt and browsing around at the garden centre. I finally just embraced my outdoor gardening self and went all out and sort of fixed the front garden too. Now there’s big planters with daisies at our front door, and I feel very nearly thirty.


omg shoes

In April I bought all the shoes (rip bank ballance). I mentioned the Patti booties from Bhava in my basics wish list, and when I saw my size was back in stock, I ordered them immediately. It took about two weeks for them to arrive – they were held at customs for 5  whole days and I had to pay an extra duty fee. Yay. Now that the weather has finally gone from summer back to spring, I’ve been wearing them about every day and they really live up to expectations. The heel is a nice height (not to low, not too high) and I can def see myself walking around in them all day long. I’m tempted to take them with me on our upcoming trip – that’s where they’d really get put up to the test.


I also got myself the Samo sneakers from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather I was contemplating getting in my wish list for spring. I actually bought these because I was in need of a good basic and sturdy sneaker, again with our trip to Toronto / NYC in mind. I’m still breaking them in so I don’t think they’re at their peak comfort level yet – but same as the boots – I love how basic and versatile these shoes are. I already featured them in an all fair fashion outfit earlier this month.



April tunes

Zombies – Time Of The Season
The Bees – I Love You
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Sense
The Ronettes – Be My Baby
Monster Rally – Lovely You
Jinsang – Smile From U






One thought on “April.

  1. That’s exciting about your new job!! 😀 Haha, yes I find myself feeling more and more like my mom, especially when wandering around garden centers! Something my younger self never thought I would do!

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