Hi it me, mentioning for the bilionth time we’re going on our trip to Toronto and NYC soon. Soon is like, next Tuesday, so the packing stress has fully set in by now (it’s Saturday lol). It’s not that I hate flying, but there are more fun things to do with your time so here’s how I think is best to spend it.


Okay let’s get something out of the way first: this is my first long haul flight. I’ve been on flights before, but these were all within Europe and never took longer than about two movies worth of time. So I’m not an expert on the matter, but because I can be a complete Monica sometimes (but a Chandler most of the time) and I care about being comfortable above anything else, I like to come prepared. So yes, let’s talk comfort, because surprisingly, sitting on your butt for hours on end can become very uncomfy.


Say you’re having a lazy day at home, what would you wear? Wear that to the airport (maybe minus the dirty hair and plus a bra). I’m putting on my fave leggings (they’re the Knockout high rise leggings from Victoria Secret btw), a loose top, a long cardigan and converse sneakers. If you’re going to wear said bra, maybe opt for a bralette, a sportsbra or a wireless bra. Something without pieces of metal digging in your chest for 10 hours straight. And maybe leave the mesh or lace undies for when you get to your destination, only seamless hipsters are touching these buns  flight. I also never travel with jewelry on, too much hassle with metals detectors and I’m always afraid of losing something.

I almost always bring one of those poncho / shawl things while traveling, even when I’m just catching a quick Eurostar to London. I wear it as a scarve, use it as a blanket for when I get chilly (I’m one of those girls who is always cold don’t judge me okay) or roll it up into a little ball et voila, a pillow! And while we’re on the subject of being chilly, I’m putting a pair of extra fluffy socks in my bag because lol I’m not wearing shoes if I don’t have to. I’m currently contemplating if I want to bring a neckpillow with me (is that still a thing people do or does it make me look like an asshole?).


Okay, back to the ‘lazy day’ thinking – is there any makeup involved? With me yes, just about enough to make me feel comfortable both mentally and physicaly. Perhaps a tiny bit of concealer, a light filling in of the brows and some waterproof mascara. That’s about it. If I’m going to be comfy, I’m going to want to put my face on said poncho without it leaving behind a full face of makeup. I also really hate the feeling of makeup on my face when I’m tired (traveling is exhausting no matter how excited I am honestly).

Since I’m going ~naked~ (well, almost), I’m bringing a travel size Eau Roma Water from Lush. The air on planes is always hella dry so I’m bringing this baby to spritz back some moisture and life into my face for when it’s starting to feel gross. I’m also bringing my favorite lipbalm from Dr. Organic and some hand moisturizer to help with other situations of dryness.


Also, on lazy days, I snack. When I’m traveling, I snack even more. Pack some of your favorite treats (something naughty, something healthy) to power through those hours of craving on the plane. This is my first time flying and getting a vegan meal, and with airline food I don’t expect much so you bet I’m stacking up on those Nakd bars. Don’t forget to pick up a big bottle of water once you’ve gone through check-in so you don’t have to rely on the attendants to bring you one of those tiny cups of water.


And equally important to all of the above: keep yourself entertained. You could take a book with you, but perhaps putting a few on a Kindle or iPad is better for preserving some space in your bag. I’m taking the iPad with a couple of movies (and the last season of Girls to get those NYC vibes going) on it. We’re also taking the Switch with us. There’s some games on there to play single player (lookin’ atchu, Don’t Starve), but the wonderful thing about the Switch is that’s is also designed to take with you wherever you go to play multiplayer games. So there’s also some two player games on there like Mario Kart, Snipperclips, Overcooked, Octodad and many more. Also, don’t forget to take those noise cancelling headphones with you, you’ll never know if there’s going to be annoying people (or crying babies) around.


Special thanks to my furbabies for entertaining me while taking these crummy pictures. I’m going to miss them. 


4 replies on “how to survive a long haul flight

  1. Awesome tips! I ended up taking my big ole’ blanket scarf with me last time I flew. I thought it was a bit much but it was great to have along. I ended up using it as a blanket! Neck pillows are also great! I did feel a bit silly about it at first, but then I noticed all the “cool” looking people clipped it around their carry on so I copied them and also felt cool. Happy flying!


  2. Do not buy bottles of water at the airport. Or anywhere for that matter.
    Instead, bring an empty reusable bottle and fill it up at one of the fountains and everywhere else from there on.
    Noise cancelling headphones were by far my best-buy of 2017!

    Great tips, lovely blog!


    1. Yes! I saw a few people bringing their own bottle, but I don’t think every airport has those drinking fountains (I did see them in the US though). So tapwater would also be okay maybe I think. And lol I totally lost my noise cancelling earphones. So sad.


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