5x vegan junk food in Toronto

Hello, I am in Canada and I love it here. We’ve been exploring Toronto for the last few days and we’re leaving tomorrow. I’m going to miss it here. I might make a post about all the stuff I’m doing and seeing, if that’s something you might be interested in? Let me know. Anyway, one of the first things I do when I plan a trip is looking for great vegan places to eat. And damn, Toronto did not disappoint.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t all junk food. We had some amazing healthy vegan grub too. I ate a very nice loaded sweet potato at Hello 123 and some vegan mozzarella buckwheat pancakes at Hibiscus. I’m totally going to try making buckwheat pancakes when I get home.

But when we’re traveling, we really like to indulge in all the naughty foods we usually don’t eat at home (mostly bc if I’d make it myself I’d know how much fat and sugar is in there and omg please no). I know we have some more vegan options at home now, but damn they really know what they’re doing in Toronto. We ate at a few more other places, but these are the ones really worth mentioning.


Glory Hole

I knew there was supposed to be one of the best donut shops in Toronto right around the corner from our B&B, so we totally had to go there first thing on our first day. Yeah yeah sure, ‘best doughnuts’ – but damn, these guys are for real. I never tasted something like these before. Incredibly moist but not disgustingly greasy. It reminded me of the beloved carnival food smoutebollen, but softer and chewier. Amazing. This is not a vegan donut shop, but they usually have about two or three vegan option available. Flavours available right now are cinnamon sugar, hibiscus glaze and sugar glaze with sprinkles. Yes, I tried all three of them and yes, they were all amazing in its own way.

1596 Queen Street West





We got pretty hungry after visiting High Park, so we thought some burgers were in order. There’s quite a lot to choose from the menu – and even though it says ‘what vegans eat’ in their logo – I still couldn’t believe it (lol). I got the ‘south in yer mouth’ bun with pulled pork topped with mac ‘n’ cheese and fries on the side, and my boyfriend got the Big Mac that’s off menu but was recommended by our lovely waitress. OMG. That Big Mac ended up being the best vegan burger we had to this date. Hands. Down. It really tastes like the real deal (at least from what I remember, it’s been over 10 years that I had a beef burger). The patty, pickles, onion and that sauce, it adds up. Paired up with some chilli cheese fries and you’re in junk food heaven.

The pulled pork was amazing too, very different from the usual vegan pulled jackfruit – it had a very nice texture and the flavour was on. pointe. We actually took our friends to this place, because we really needed to share this amazing food with them and lol we weren’t going to leave this city without another round of Doomies.

1263 Queen Street West





Apiecalypse Now!

Vegan pizza for my pie hole, pls. We went here after walking around down town all afternoon so yeah, after being around so many people, we were in for some grade A comfort food. Not sure what to get, we ended up going for one slice of everything, so I’m not even sure what exactly we got. But man, it was good. A thin crunchy crust and tonnes of cheese kept all the toppings nice in place. Some slices were spicy, some were creamy – and you could tell there’s vegan cheese on it bc it wasn’t stringy, but it tasted pretty amazing. Also, there’s these big Simpsons murals and they sell the classic pink sprinkle donut. Mmm.. pink.

735 Bloor Street West





How can you visit Canada and not try poutine, eh? As a Belgian, I’m no stranger to put all kinds of stuff on my fries, so gravy and cheese? Yes please. There’s quite a few places where you can get vegan poutine, so I don’t have anything to compare these with. But yes, consider me a fan of (this) poutine. It was the first time I had Daiya cheese and omg, it’s stringy and it melts and it is all kinds of goodness. You honestly can’t tell that this is a vegan dish. And okay, maybe it’s not the prettiest of foods I’ve had, but it that next level comfort food that reminded me of home.

1112 Queen Street West / 617 King Street West





Through Being Cool

Yay more pastries! Everything at TBH is completely vegan and made in house. You can have sandwiches and pastries, but they also sell pickles, jams and home meals. We stumbled into this little bakery late in the afternoon, so  they were out of most of their stuff, but we managed to get a HUGE black and white swirly cookie and a classic cinnamon sugar donut. Yes, more donuts – I can’t help myself okay? The cookie was good, it reminded me of those Italian chocolate vanilla soft cookies, but on steroids bc lol this sucker was as big as my face. The donut was completely different from the ones at Glory Hole, but not in a (very) good way. This was quite hefty and less fluffy, I can’t see myself eating more than one of these bad boys. I’m sad I didn’t get to try their cheesy stuff, but I don’t thing this is the last time I’ll ever be in Toronto. I’ll be back, TBH.

1277 Bloor Street West
tbcvegan facebook


We’re leaving for New York City on Monday – so I’m lowkey thinking about making one last stop for a Glory Hole donut since it’s RIGHT around the corner from where we’re staying. But who knows what NYC will bring (something tells me it’s a bit like Toronto but on steroids). If you’re curious about what I’m doing and seeing on this two-week trip, follow me on Instagram – I post on Stories daily!

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