I’ve always liked having houseplants, but to be honest I never really knew what I was doing. And maybe I still don’t, but I feel I have gained some understanding about them. I’ve recently started experimenting with propagating some of them, and I was surprised how easy it is to nurse some baby spider plants.


The fun thing about spider plants is that there’s hardly any work involved to propagate them. The mother spider plant will sprout a stem on which tiny baby plants or ‘spiderettes’ will start to grow. Once these spiderettes start growing tiny roots of their own, they’re ready to leave the mother plant.


So many spiderettes on this stem!

There’s a few ways to grow a spiderette. You can pot them while leaving them on the stem, and cut them loose once you notice they’ve taken root. But I prefert cutting them and then planting them, so you can move your pots around a bit. Just take a sharp knife and cut it loose from the stem. If your spiderette already has a nice set of roots, you can put them straight into a small pot of dirt. If it has only tiny nubs instead of roots, you can either leave them hanging on the mother stem until they grow bigger, or make them root in some water.


Growth on a spiderette after 4 weeks of rooting in water.

If you’re rooting them, make sure that none of the foliage is hanging in the water, or the leaves will turn yellow and rot (so don’t do what I did in the picture above). I like to use small tea light holder so the leaves can hang over the edge. It takes a few weeks for the roots to grow long enough for them to be potted.

Spiderettes with sufficient roots – no extra rooting needed.

When you’re ready to put your spiderette in some soil, a pot with drainage holes works best. Make sure to water the baby plant plenty, but don’t over water it. I usually check the soil and make sure it’s somewhat moist. A warm, humid room with plenty indirect sunlight also works best, so the bathroom is often an ideal place. You can also slightly spray them with a water bottle once a day. Once you’ll notice they start growing, the plant is settled and will eventually grow into a full sized spider plant.


Give your spiderettes some room to grow!

And that’s about it really. After they’ve settled, you can put a few spiderettes together in a pot so they can grow into a nice lush plant, or keep them seperate and see how they do on their own.

Two spiderettes transfered to a bigger pot – time to become an established plant!

How to take care of you spider plant:

– They need a fair share of sunlight, but don’t put them in direct sunlight in summer or you’ll scorch the leaves.
– Keep them at a normal to hot room temperature, no colder than 15° C.
– Water them plenty, but let the first centimeter of soil dry out before you water again. The soil underneath should be slightly moist. But keep a moist soil when you’re still in propagation mode.
– You can use some houseplant fertilizer about once every 2-3 weeks.


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