Hello and a welcome back to me. I’ve been home since tuesday night so I’ve had a couple of days to try and get back into my daily routine (my GAWD ain’t jetlag a pain in the stink), and I’ve finally taken the time to show how I experienced our two week trip to Toronto and New York City. First up is Toronto, aka the land of the amazing vegan foods and all the squirrels. Grab yourself a Flaming Moe because this is going to be a Patty and Selma worthy slide show.



High Park

We started our first day with a walk in High Park. We were so lucky to visit at the beginning of cherry blossom season. I think I’d only seen these trees on photos but they were quite unreal irl. This park is ginormous so we only visited a speck of it, but we managed to see a ton of squirrels (and dogs! so many puppers!), many birdwatchers and this weird tree-man.


hp copy


CN Tower

This might be the most touristy thing we did in Toronto, but it was so worth visiting the CN Tower. The view really is incredible. It’s not a full 360°, but you can see most of the city’s skyscrapers and some parts of the coast. I’m happy we did this on our first day so we got a sense of how big this city is. You can also visit the SkyPod and even do an ‘edge walk’ – but let’s just say we aren’t *that* adventurous lol.






Yes here I am with my food again but lol, I will always remember this as the trip where the vegan junk food was plenty (and in-cre-di-ble). I already dedicated a full post on it last week, but I really feel this deserves a place in this highlights list. Vegandale is the part of Queen Street West in Parkdale that holds Doomie’s (junk food), Mythology (diner food – we wanted to try this on our last night but there was a line so we went to Doomie’s for the third time that week lol) and The Imperative (an all vegan store that sadly flooded when we wanted to visit on our last day). More vegan businesses are opening in Vegandale this summer, so you better believe we are going back asap.




Queen Street West shopping

Queen West has some of the cutest shop I’ve come across in Toronto. Granted, Queen West Street is super long (about 6km from Parkdale all the way to downtown) but there’s quite a few cute independent shops and vintage stores to be found. I bought most of my little trinkets and souvenirs in these little shops – so if you’re like me and are into nic-nacs like pins, stationary, prints, etc, you’ll definitely find something cute. There’s also some pretty sweet street art to be found, sometimes straight up on Queen St W, sometimes hidden in the streets and alleys next to it.






If you fancy some more shopping, there’s also many vintage shops to be found in Kensington (it’s the reason we went there – but I sadly didn’t find anything I really wanted). If you’ve ever been to London, this part of the city gave me some serious Brick Lane vibes. Besides vintage, there’s tons of food to try (a vegan bakery!) and more quirky little shops.




Also known as the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I’ve been to comic fairs before, but not as cool as this one. This really reminded me of the Belgian art festival Graffix – but 50x bigger. I spotted so many cool artists but I was afraid to buy and then ruin one of their amazing prints – so I decided to take home a big stack of business cards and maybe buy from their online shops in the future. I did take home a set of stickers and a mini print from Marne Garhlman and a super cute zipper bag from Shing Yin Khor.



So that’s about a weeks worth of Toronto squeezed into a small blog post. I realise these aren’t ~the best~ photos, but I wasn’t walking around with my nice camera in hand all of the time, and I honestly just wanted to take everything in instead of putting the best effort in documenting my trip. Anyway. I’m 100% certain we’ll be visiting again (maybe even in the near future?) because I absolutely loved the laid back vibe of the city (well maybe apart from downtown lol). There’s a few more things we like to see (Niagara Falls pls), and I’m very curious about what new vegan spots will have opened by then.

I also want to mention the wonderful Elliot House B&B we stayed at – the hosts were absolutely lovely and it was a great first time B&B experience. Also a big thanks to Dan & Emma for being the coolest people in Toronto, it’s been great meeting you guys.

Stay tuned for the NYC roundup I’ll be putting up next weekend!

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