Hello there and a good sunday morning to you. As promised, here’s some of the coolest stuff we did or see when we went to NYC last month!



Brooklyn Bridge

The first day was HOT. It was 30°C + but because of the humidity (and well, the heat coming of the buildings) it felt like 40°C. That didn’t stop us from going up the Brooklyn bridge. We took the subway to DUMBO first because that’s where the nice view is at – and later walked across the bridge to Manhattan. We walked the High Line next, but on our way we stumbled upon the 9/11 memorial. I’m glad to have seen it irl. The pictures really don’t do it justice – these sites are huge but are calming in a weird way.





New York Transit Museum

Sadly, the weather took a turn the next few days (meaning rain) – so we decided to do some indoor activities. The New York Transit museum is located in the Court Street station, which has been out of use since 1946. It’s easy to just walk past it, as the entrance is just another subway staircase. The first floor is all about the history of the subway system and how everything was built – with much emphasis on immigration and the forming of unions. There’s also a small part about how 9/11 and Superstorm Sandy affected the subway system. But the most fun part was downstairs where all the old trains are. Call me a nerd but I thought it was pretty cool sitting in all the old trains from the 1930’s up to now. There’s these old advertisements on the inside of the trains that really give you a sense the zeitgeist at the time (so yes some of those were super cringe).





Times Square

Well I couldn’t go to New York and not see Times Square right? Even though there are a ton of people there, the mood was quite relaxed. Sitting on those steps, surrounded by all those flashing billboards really felt surreal. I’m sure it’s even more spectacular at night, though. The Rockefeller Centre is just a few blocks away – and going there feels like time travelling back to the 1920’s. The buildings and storefronts all look like they’re straight from The Great Gatsby. There’s also the NY Nintendo store, for all of you geeks out there (meaning me). And If you feel like walking a couple more blocks up north, Central Park is right at your feet.




Staten Island Ferry

Taking the ferry to Staten Island and back is the best free option to spot the Lady of Liberty and take in the Manhattan island view. So yes, the ferry is going to be slightly crowded, but I managed to snap a few pictures. And yes, I was afraid of dropping my camera in the water the whole time lol.




Red Hook

By sunday, the skies were finally clearing up again so we took a bus to Red Hook for some solid key lime pie from Steve’s. If you’re going to commit a dairy sin, it might as well be 100% worth it. These were so good, my bf went back for seconds. And it wouldn’t be ‘murica if they didn’t cover it in chocolate and put it on a stick, would it? Since you’re already there, there’s also a nice little pier with a cool view of Lady Liberty. Red Hook is quite secluded from the rest of Brooklyn so it was nice to enjoy some piece and quiet and just enjoy the view.


Coney Island

I think going to Coney Island on a monday at noon is probably the weirdest thing to do, but it was the perfect last thing to see in New York. All the attractions were closed because it was too early, but we didn’t plan on going on any of them anyway. It was just so cool to see such an ‘extra’ place at a beach (lol well we have Blankenberge but that’s a different kind of extra amirite). The amusement park at Coney Island has been around since the 1880’s and still has three 1920’s-30’s original attractions on site – so the history nerd in me thinks it’s so cool that it still exists and people still actively go.




There’s literally a dozen more things I could tell you about what we saw and did (and ate – omg Korean food) in New York – but let’s keep this blog post under 1000 words now shall we. No honestly, visiting New York is like visiting 6 cities in one go. Every borough has it’s own cool spots and must do’s, it’s just impossible to discover everything this city has to offer on just one visit. I’m so happy I got to see so many things I’ve always seen in movies and American pop culture – and to just experience the NY vibe. Even if that means some people are rude as fuck to you, lol.


PS: Massive thanks to Jenna for showing us the cool parts of NY and for letting us stay in your mansion. 

PS2: Black and white cookies are bomb.


One thought on “the New York City roundup

  1. Your trip sounds amazing!! That bagel has my mouth watering.. I have only ever been to NYC in the freezing cold winter, but I have a trip coming up in just a few weeks and I am so excited!


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