One can not travel to a country where there is a Sephora and not go to Sephora, right? Right. I remember there being one right across the border, but I think Sephora pulled out of the Netherlands altogether now. Anyway, I was a broke student back then so I never really bought much except from their own brand – the rest was often too expensive for my budget. I remember borrowing money from a friend just so I could buy the UD Naked Pallete. Yes, the OG! I still have it but don’t use it anymore – bc lol they’re all shimmery or glittery (and that shit don’t work for me) and well it’s about 8 years old now (gross). ANYWAY.


Right before we left I went on their online shop to browse what I was getting, because it’s too hard to look for the cruelty free / vegan products and brands when you’re not familiar with a store. I didn’t get everything I wanted because sadly, some of the things on my wish list were online only items (lookin’ atchu Herbivore). I had to narrow it down to a few essentials bc splurging in Sephora can get really expensive really quick – so let’s see what I did buy and what I think after trying them for a few weeks now.




Milk Makeup Blur Liquid

I really love the Milk Makeup branding. I’m very much here for the whole fresh and clean look of their packaging. I was due re-buying my all time fav foundation (the UD Naked foundation btw) – but I held off until we went on our trip bc I also really wanted to try this ~blur liquid~ foundation.

And well – I have to say I’m not loving it. I have normal to dry skin, but somehow this foundation still feels a bit greasy on my skin. I really have to put some eye shadow primer on my eyelids, or it’ll crease up so badly (but to be fair, I have very wrinkly eyelids). It does stay on pretty well after setting it with powder, and the colour match is decent (apparently I’m ivory). Because it’s a bit more on the oily side for me, I get a nice dewy finish from it – which I think is weird because it claims to be a matte foundation. I must say it’s very pigmented so I really only need a pea-sized blob to cover all of my face, so I do think you get a lot for your money. For now I’m mixing this foundation with a cheap drugstore one from Catrice (HD liquid foundation) to stop it from creasing and it’s a very nice combo. But once I’ll run out of it, I won’t be re-buying this one.



IGK Thirsty Girl Coconut Milk Leave-in Conditioner

I was actually going to buy one of their dry shampoos (because I’m nasty and don’t like washing my hair), but oops I got this leave-in conditioner type of spray instead. One of the ladies at Sephora put in the Direct Flight dry shampoo and it did feel nice – but for 27 $ I thought it was expensive for how quickly I would run out of it. I then asked if they didn’t have anything to fix my super dry ends, and she put in the Thirsty Girl spray. Wow. This stuff is amazing. My exploded ponytail became a nice slick looking one without taking out all of the volume and lol well now I just had to get it, right? I still use it almost every single day. After I wash it, I spray some of this stuff in my damp hair before I style it with the SteamPod and it works wonders. Sometimes I put in a little extra on the ends when they’re completely dry and it looks like I’ve come from the hairdresser’s. So yes, 10/10 and will deffo re-buy this one (luckily there’s still SpaceNK to restock lol).




Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Yesss, I just had to buy this hyped brow pencil. And overall, I really love it. I love the colour (I bought taupe – very good colour match), I love how it’s not dry nor creamy, I love how it’s well pigmented, I love how I never have to sharpen it and I love the small tip to draw in my brows precisely. However. I’ve been using it for 3 – 4 weeks now and I’ve almost already ran out of product. For 21$, that’s an expensive brow pencil. I do think there are cheaper alternatives out there that’ll do the trick just as well – so even though I love it – I won’t be re-buying this again because lol having your brows on fleek shouldn’t be that expensive.



Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Another classic! I could smack myself in the head for only getting this now. This is hands down one of the easiest and best eyeliners I have ever used. The brush tip reminds me of those travel water colour brushes – it’s a synthetic brush but the bristles are very densely packed. It makes it very easy to work precise and put the right amount of product on the skin. The liner itself is very pigmented. It also really stays on all day without smudging or bleeding and I’m absolutely living for it.

A little side note though. Kat Von D recently made an Instagram post on how she won’t be vaccinating her unborn child, and it’s not sitting right with me. I agree that you raise your children the way you see fit – but this isn’t a parenting issue. It’s a public health issue. So I’m currently still on the fence about buying from her brand in the future.


A little bonus! While in NYC, I also discovered Target (or is it Targé? lol) has some cool vegan and cruelty free goodies so I had to pick up some drugstore skincare. Apart from the two things listed below, I also got some single use face masks (from Pacifica and Yes To Carrots) I’ve yet to use. I’ll keep you posted on Instagram stories how they turn out.


Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful

This is an overnight mask and at first I was a bit nervous to try it because won’t it get all over my pillow and stuff? You’re also not supposed to wash it off in the morning so how does that even work? Turns out, it’s basically just a glorified night cream lol. It’s quite thick and you can def feel there’s something on your skin, but in the morning most of it has been absorbed into the skin. I do take the excess product of my skin with some water and some Eau Roma Toner from Lush – and then continue with my normal skin routine. So is it any good? With any face mask I use I always feel pampered and moisturized – so this is no different tbh. And also with any face mask, I can’t use this every night before bed because it will probably make my skin break out. Will I buy it again? Probably not, just because I like to try out every face mask I come across and there’s better ones out there in my opinion.



Acure Radically Rejuvenating eye cream

I’ve been having some sleeping issues for well, a while now (it’s getting better though – I think?) so I’m not stranger to dark circles under my eyes. This little tube got my attention and I though I might as well (it was also one of our last days in NYC and was feeling exhausted so I actually thought YES GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS TO MAKE ME FEEL HUMAN AGAIN). I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, but as with any eye cream I’ve tried before, I can’t tell if I see any difference. Is there an eye cream out there that actually works? Or is it just another useless product, pushed onto us by beauty brands to makes us buy more and more and more until we drown in a sea of our hoarded bottles and tubes of gloop? Hello? Anyone?



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