a sustainable fashion wish list for summer ’18

Yes hi hello there, it’s summer all of a sudden now isn’t it? With traveling and being so busy with work, I feel like I haven’t shopped for clothes in ages. About time to hit the webshops! Here’s what I found and put on my wish list for this summer. Spoiler alert: you won’t find romantic flowery prints in this list – simple / unicolour / structured clothing is the way this girl rolls.



La Fille d’O: No Close bra / Instant Eyes briefs

I’m getting a little frustrated with how my underwear is fitting lately – my bralettes are losing their hold and my pants are losing their stretch – so it’s really time to move on and invest in some proper underwear again. I used to buy so many pieces from La Fille d’O – it’s kind of insane how much money I would spend on it, even though I was just at uni and didn’t have that much money to begin with. I’d still spend all I had on underwear. Crazy right? I haven’t bought anything new in years now, and I sort of want to treat myself to a nice little set again. And even though I love the underwired ones, they also have amazing wireless bras. I’ve worn the ones I had to death. I’ve got my heart set on the No Close bra top and the Instant Eyes high waisted brief. I know these fit my body type best and they are just so damn comfy. And guess what, they also double as swimwear, so double win! And I know, 255,- euro is a lot of money for underwear, but from experience I know I’ll wear these for 2-3 years before they start to lose their hold. Everything from La Fille d’O is made in Belgium from locally sourced materials, which also explains the higher price tag. If you ever want to treat yourself to something nice, give this Belgian brand a go (you won’t regret it).



Goat: Goature T-shirt

Nothing more classic and simple than a white tee, right? I really wanted to share this one because I love the brand’s ideals. Goat is a vegan label based in Amsterdam who only uses eco-friendly fabrics and makes sure their fashion is made in a safe, humane environment for a fair wage. Go have a look at their website, as they’ll explain more about their ideals, but also give you tips on how to live your life more sustainably. T-shirts are their thing, but they also stock joggers and sweaters. They collaborate with local brands (like Amsterdam’s Vegan Junk Food Bar – omg I’m dying to go one day). So yeah, knowing more about the brand, I’d love to walk around in this Goature shirt (even though I don’t really need another white tee right now).



Matt & Nat: Gwen sandals

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know I love me some Matt & Nat. They’ve been featured in a previous wish list post before and I’ve collected a few of their pieces by now. I’ve been eyeing these sandals for a while – they just look so damn perfect. The black and brown colour blocking, the block heel, the rectangular cut in the front. I love it. I’ve been wearing a pair of high heeled sandals from New Look for about 4 years now, and they’re really starting to look a bit ratchet now lol. The pattern on the soles are almost completely gone and the fake leather is starting to give. The reason I’ve been wearing them so much and it’s hard for me to part with them, is that they go with about anything and the low block heel is so comfy.
Anyway, I was sitting in my office earlier this week, and my sad old sandals caught my eye. There’s no harm in going to the Matt & Nat website and ogling those fancy Gwen sandals again, right? Low and behold! They were 30% off! And 5 minutes later, they went through checkout. Oops. Very not sorry, I can’t wait for them to get here so I can wear them with everything.



Hund Hund: Claire skirt

Hund Hund is a Berlin based studio who make sure their clothing is made with sustainable materials and in an ethical and fair environment. They also cut out the physical retail stores and choose to sell directly to the customers, meaning we get to buy their fashion for a wholesale price. With every piece, there’s an estimate on the cost structure so you can see how much it actually costs to make said piece, and how much they profit from it. I love this type of transparency, even though it’s just an estimate.
Claire is a ‘paper bag’ knee-length skirt, and made from eucalyptus based Tencel sourced in Portugal. The fact that it’s black and high waisted and knee length, makes it a super versatile piece for any season and any occasion really. This is very high on my wish list atm, so I’m very tempted to order it as soon as my pay check comes in.



Sisterhood: Saffi blouse

Look! Something coloured! Lol. Sorry. I love it though, it’s a soft rusty orange that might work with my pale skin tone (I’m trying to bronze it lately though). The website doesn’t really say what material the Saffi blouse is made of, but it looks faux silk to me. Sisterhood uses only recycled materials and makes sure their fashion is fairly made in safe working conditions. Their pricing really makes fair fashion accesible to most people, in my opinion. Make sure to check out their webshop if you’re into wrap tops, they’ve got so many beautiful ones in stock atm.



Pala Eyewear: Asha Sunflower sunglasses

Another Amsterdam based brand! Pala uses recycled materials for their cases (so not the glasses themselves I suppose?) and their glasses are fairly made. On top of that, part of their profits are donated to eyecare projects in Africa. I still really want the Dick Moby Ory sunglasse I mentioned before (they’re called Paris now?) – but I’m loving the tortoise colour of these Asha sunglasses.



Rita Row: Maisi dress

I’m not even going to apologize about the next item being mostly black again. I spotted this Rita Row dress a while back on Mieke’s instagram and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I’m absolutely in love with the colour blocking. It’s sadly sold out in black, but there a white version (with black shoulder) still in stock. If only I wasn’t so pale, I’d probably buy it. Rita Row is a Barcelona based studio, who focusses on local production. The fabrics are sourced in Italy, Spain and France. For the future, they strive to make garments only from natural materials.


I know these lists could be more ~exciting~ if I’d include more colours and prints, but those are things I don’t really wear. There’s also a ton of sustainable and / or fair brands out there with amazing fashion I’d love to wear – but that are out of my price range. So yes, I only include items I’d actually buy. Make sure to check out these brands and what else they have to offer – as I’m sure you’ll find at least something worth buying (and supporting their amazing values).


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