earthy beetroot & pear salad with mustard dressing

Hello! Long time no blogging, eh? You might have noticed the blog looking rather.. empty. A while back I decided to only blog about vegan food on here. I’ll still mostly share my favorite recipes but I hope to mix it up a little with some vegan kitchen tips and tricks, and maybe a few vegan hotspot recommendations. If you’re still interested about my thrifting ventures, fair fashion recommendations and cruelty free beauty tips, you’re more than welcome to follow me on Instagram!

Anyway, I’m very excited to be back! Blogging or no blogging, food was made during my small hiatus and I can’t wait to share some things I’ve come up with.


This salad, for example. It’s perfect for this is it summer? is it autum?-limbo we’re in right now. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to a nice refreshing salad, but I’m not really feeling hot salads yet either. This recipe is ideal for when you want a cold salad but want those amazing earthy and autumnal flavours. It’s prepared in about 10 minutes or less and really anyone can make this.


You can pre-roast your beetroot, but I like to buy mine pre-cooked and peeled. Make sure to wear latex gloves and to cut the beetroot on a plate because it will stain everything it touches a bright pinky colour.

For 2 servings:
– 2 handfulls of rocket salad
– 2-3 beetroots, pre-cooked
– 2 small pears
– 2 tbps walnut – roasted
– 2 tsp grainy mustard
– 1 tsp agave
– 2 tbsp soy cream

1. Place the rocket salad on a plate.
2. Cut the beetroot and pears into wedges and put them on top.
3. Put a pan on low heat and toast the walnuts. Keep an eye on them – they burn easily!
4. In a cup, add the mustard, agave and soy cream and mix until a smooth dressing forms.
5. Put the dressing over the salad and finish with adding the toasted walnuts, pepper and salt. Serve with buttered bread, or some quinoa or bulgur. This couldn’t be any easier – right?


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