my christmas menu

Yay, it’s christmas time! I wanted to make things easier for me and do a complete test cooking of my christmas menu, so I wouldn’t be stressing out on the actual holiday. I’m so glad I did because some of these dishes did not go as planned the first time around – and some recipes needed more adjustments to get them right how I want it. But here it finally is, my christmas menu for 2018!

These dishes are quite simple individually, but I did spend a complete weekend prepping and cooking all of them. The good news is that you easily start preparing these recipes a few days prior so you’ll be able to spend christmas eve / day as intended: enjoying amazing (cruelty free) food and watching christmas movies in your pj’s. Yes!

And jep, I totally used an existing recipe for the entrée, which is my pumpkin & sage soup, but I used butternut instead of chestnut pumpkins, and I topped it off with some coconut bacon!


My biggest inspiration for this menu is by far Gaz Oakley, also known as Avant Garde Vegan. I got his Vegan Christmas cook book back in september (pre order, babyyy) and I honestly want to try all of it at one point. Most of my menu are adaptations from his recipes, but some I made up from scratch – like the porchini & walnut mini quiches and the chocolate orange tarts. But honestly, give his recipes a try – if you don’t want to buy his cook books, check out his Youtube channel because he is a pure inspiration.



porchini & walnut mini quiches
with cranberry sauce



savory pumpkin & sage soup
with coconut bacon



Christmas vegan wellington




maple glazed carrots & crispy lemon broccoli




hasselback potatoes with herbs




vegan chocolate orange tarts


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