Hi there, welcome to Omber. A little nook on the internet where I keep it real and talk about whatever tickles my fancy. I enjoy typing out blurbs about anything lifestyle related really, so if you’re into vintage, sustainable living, fair fashion, plantbased food and the occasional cruelty-free beauty recommendation, you’re in the right spot.

I’m Michelle. I’m 27 and living in Genk, a tiny city in a tiny country called Belgium. I live here with my boyfriend and my two cats, Donut and Bagel.
I work as an interior architect and I absolutely love anything midcentury modern and vintage. Nothing makes me happier than browsing for second hand treasures online and in thrift shops.
I’m also a total foodie. I love exploring new recipes as long as it’s plant-based. I’ve got a terrible sweet tooth and can’t live without chocolate and my morning coffee.
Still want to know more about me? Here’s a handy little post about me, or just DM me over on the ol’ Instagram.